Your hosts Gary Hoover and Dave Stanwick here hope to build the greatest compilations, discussions, and comparisons of long-term change through time ever assembled.  Trends in the largest sense, in every aspect of life.  From 3-10 years for short-term looks, up to a million or more years for fundamental trends.
We ultimately would like our friends and the world to help assemble charts, graphs, tables — visualizations of all types — followed by thought, analysis, and discussion.

We believe our shared understanding of everything will rise: from weather to sports, from Google’s growth to the adoption of indoor plumbing, from the rise of Chicago to the fall and rise of the Boston Red Sox.

We limit our vision to “time series” because we believe the need is great.

Our obsession with the next quarter or next semester, our tendency to think that news matters more or is more interesting than the plate tectonics of the subject, and our affection for fads and fashions combine to blur society’s vision and thought.  We would like to help change that.

Stay tuned to watch our evolution….the journey begins…

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”    –Winston Churchill